Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation

Our Purpose

The purposes of The Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation are to: support and encourage people to lead more productive and satisfying lives, to experience and enhance their spirituality and well-being and to preserve and celebrate nature. The Foundation will primarily accomplish these purposes in the following ways:

Grants for Organizations

Making grants to organizations which help the people of the greater Richmond, Texas area.

Supporting Well Spring Center

Supporting Well Spring Center, Blanco, Texas, a Christian retreat environment.

Grants for Mental Health

Making grants to advance the quality, availability, and accessibility of mental health care in Fort Bend County with a primary focus on the greater Richmond, Texas area, and to support research and education in the areas of mental health and spirituality within the State of Texas.

Nature Centers

Creating centers for the preservation and appreciation of open space at Long Acres Ranch on the Brazos River near Richmond, Texas and the Narrows area on the Blanco River in Texas.