In the broadest terms, the Foundation’s goal for grant making is to provide funding for charitable organizations to enhance or support efforts to improve the quality of life for present and future generations of the people of Texas with focus on the greater Richmond, Texas area. To achieve this goal, the Directors have chosen areas of emphasis which include education, historical, animals and wildlife, religious organizations, human services, and mental health including substance abuse.

Under most circumstances, the Foundation does not consider grants to individuals, grants for fine or performing arts, underwriting or sponsorship of fund-raising events, loans, organizations that re-grant, fraternal or political organizations, advertising, direct mail or media projects, travel, conferences, conventions or seminars.

In most cases, the minimum amount to be funded would be $10,000 and it is unusual for the Foundation to consider a grant request from the same applicant more frequently than one time within a twelve-month period; longer if a grantee has a multi-year grant in process.

Application Process

There are no application deadlines; however, our Foundation online accepts grant requests between February 15 and November 15.  The Foundation’s Board of Directors meets regularly; however, not all meetings are focused on grant making.  Therefore, it should be noted that the entire application process may take up to 8 months for the Foundation to make a determination.  Please plan accordingly.

Please prepare before starting this process by reviewing the documents below and having answers and supporting documents ready. Refer to the tutorials below for help navigating the online system.

Access the online grant system through the button below.  Once logged in, complete the Eligibility Quiz.  To ensure consideration of your request, you must answer all required questions, press the submit button located at the bottom of the form, and receive emailed confirmation of the submittal.

Information and documents involved in the grant process are time sensitive, so Letters of Inquiry left unsubmitted may be abandoned after 30 days, and you will have 90 days to submit a completed Application.

Online Grants System